ProdukterWelcome to TEE AS. We deliver high quality pipe stoppers for rought environments.

Pipe Lock™, also known as Drain Plugs and Expanding stoppers, are used to temporarily seal the end of

an open pipe, product or drain during pipe laying operations.

The main use for Pipe Lock™ is to prevent the ingress of water, gases, rodents

and debris into newly laid or decommissioned pipe.

We deliver pipe equipment in a wide range of types and sizes.

We both develop and produce the Drain Lock™ and the Sea Chest™ and we are also manufactoring

other pipe equipment for almost any need.

TEE AS had bought Drainlock and all pipe stoppers from Kvina Offshore Service since 16.05.13.

Please contact for Drainlock and all pipe stoppers pricelists at-


Lervik  1, 4484 Øyestranda, Norway


Tlf: +47 90 11 49 34, +47 91 53 79 00

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