Drainlock™ inside

None-corrosive, High Quality and Stabile when stocked on board!

Drainlock Scupperplugs and expending plugs are specifically designed for maintenance work and also tightening of the hole, deck drains and pipes.

Drainlock Scupperplugs and expending plugs  are suitable for arduous duties such as immersion in chemicals and/or exposure to higher temperatures.

Drainlock  shall withstand lower differential pressure and the safety has priority, this is our recommended stopper.

The Drainlock 's top and bottom are made up of corrosion resistans materials. Glasfiber reinforced polymedia(PA6), non corrsive 316L and oil resistant. Rubber sealing rings are made up of  as nitril and neopren. Therefor Drainlock expending plugs will have a long useful life.

Drainlock inside is similar to standard drainlock, but has different diameter on bottom and top plate, also equal diameter of rubber bellows. This is used where there is a need to get the plug further into the hole.

Opportunities for use and applications.

The TEE AS's Drainlock expending plug have a wide variety of other applications including:

Plumbing operations throughout the whole of industry, domestic and industrial water, sewage and drainage systems. Ducting and conduit, swimming pools, masking in painting and casting industries, as leak test plugs for all pipework fabrications and many others.

The TEE AS's Drainlock  expending plug can be used as Scupper Plugs, Plumbing, Welding Purge Plugs and many more applications.

The TEE AS's Drainlock  expending plug are also used to seal and protect tanks, vessels and containers during transportation, particularly when they are pressurised with inert gas.

The TEE AS's Drainlock  expending plug  can used in the water and gas industries. as well as the other areas where pipes are used or where there are holes to be blocked, including even on nuclear submarine.

The TEE AS's Drainlock  expending plug  are produced in dimension 1"-12"

Drainlock plugs are not designed to be used as Blanking plugs during pressure testing. Please contact us if special versions would be of interest. We design and manufacture to the customers spesificasions.  

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