Nylon plugs

Drain, Waste, Sewerage Test Plugs and more...

 Nylon Plugs are versatile, lightweight and mostly pocket size. They suit a multitude of applications and range from 0.5 to 6" (13 to 152 mm).

The multitude of sizes makes these Nylon Plugs ideal for a number of other applications in the water and gas industries as well as in all other areas where pipes are used or where there are holes to be blocked, including even on nuclear submarines.

Testing and sealing of all pipes, pipe joints and pipework assemblies can be done with the Nylon Plugs.

Nylon plugs can also suitable for welding.For welding of alloys and stainless steel tubes and pipes Nylon plugs are available as single units or as kits for typical applications, such as Orbital Welding. nylon plugs are a perfect low vapour pressure speciality product to seal all holes and orifices for quality internal purging.

A friction reducing acetal copolymer thrust washer inserted between the top plate and wing nut provides easy expansion and release.Standard seals made from natural rubber and the nylon plugs are easily dismantled for cleaning.

Nylon Drain Testing Plugs are used internationally as the standard drain test plugs for testing leak tightness of foul water lines at the time of installation.

Other applications include sealing holes in castings, tanks, other assemblies for spraying and blasting to protect the insides, maintenance and installation of swimming pool and water spa pipework, for use as 'Scupper Plugs' in ships, for telecommunication pipelines and pipework up to 6", as radiator test plugs for cars and commercial vehicles, as heat exchanger tube plugs, etc.

Along with natural rubber rings,  Nylon Testing Plug provide a high quality leak-tight seal in the selected orifice and are nuclear compatible, chemically clean, demountable, will not seize up.

The standard seals are made from natural rubber. However, other available options are:

• Natural Rubber
• Silicone
• Nitrile
• Neoprene
• Viton

Nylon Testing Plugs can be supplied in specialised Plug Kits to suit specific applications. These kits are:

Drain Testing Kit
Domestic Plumbers Kit
Commercial Radiator Kit
Automotive Radiator Kit
Pool & Spa Kit

Plug Kit Carry Cases are also available for all Nylon Plugs as sets.  

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